About Us

About Us

I’m living and experiencing childhood in Macedonia – a little nation in Europe. My folks both have occupations however their work is not paid much. They are constantly here for me and give me all their help and advices at whenever.

Likewise I have a younger sibling, he is 2 years more youthful than me. He has graduated at the college “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Veles and is filling in as an expert wellbeing consultant. Since my folks are dedicated, my sibling and I could carry on with a working class way of life loaded with adoration.

My grade school and secondary school days went ordinary. From that point forward I was intriguing about PCs, so it was the reason that I learned at the University of “St. Kliment Ohridski” – division for Information and Computers Technology. My graduation gave me the status – graduate data innovation degree.

Presently I’m completing my second workforce at a similar University-Department for Nutrition. I thought that it was exceptionally fascinating for me. This personnel make me cheerful and fulfill, due to the assistance and tips that I’m providing for individuals who experience the ill effects of any malady, high weight, terrible state of mind, a sleeping disorder, push and numerous more undesirable issues, so they can cure and change their way of life for better just with eating sound nourishments.

Additionally I’m taking in a considerable measure of the Alternative Medicine. I’m attempting to help the general population by imparting to them some astonishing normal cures that can be viable in avoidance of a few sicknesses.

Adhering to a good diet, solid living and games throughout my life

When I began with the personnel that implied that the vast majority of the day I spend it sitting before my PC. Sitting for quite a while before PC and absence of physical movement prompted an expansion in my weight. I turned into a fat kid, and that was not commonplace for me since I never had any issues with my weight. Due to weight I have distinctive issues like resting all the time, migraine, stretch and so forth…

At that point I choose to change my way of life. I straightforward changed my day by day count calories, changed my dietary patterns, begun to eat solid sustenance, begun to play football, doing some physical movement and setting off to the exercise center. For a long time it turned into my propensity and I figured out how to lose the abundance weight and to recapture my typical weight.

Today, good dieting and solid living is my way of life and I wouldn’t change that. Presently I’m filling in as a wellbeing mentor, giving valuable tips for getting more fit, enhancing their way of life, and give huge inspiration to individuals who require that. I’m tending for a more advantageous and slimmer world, since what we eat in private we wear out in the open!

Why the site…

HealthyFoodHouse is enlightening and learning gateway for bringing issues to light for sound nourishment and wellbeing entry that today is a fortune of data. Day by day are distributing new data in the field of nourishment, current data and instructive substance sent in a few topical ranges like: Natural Remedies, Diet and Weight misfortune, Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables, Healthy Recipes, Health Tips and some more.

In healthyfoodhouse’s group are incorporated numerous famous nutritionists, and pros from different regions of sustenance, which their broad experience clarify and transmit in this site. Our central goal is to help any individual who needs to figure out how straightforward, simple and commonsense to eat, and eating sound and in the meantime delightful nourishments, will enhance their wellbeing and keep up their imperativeness, shape and vitality.

Despite the fact that science looks very intricate, yet our advices, tips and advantages of solid sustenances depend on extremely basic proposals that can be utilized and learned by everybody. Be that as it may, we will probably make everybody solid and key, with better nature of way of life, and believing and looking extraordinary, so that ought not look as a muddled and troublesome.

Behind the substance on this site there is an entire group of nutritionists and a specialist who is giving the realities before the articles gets distributed.