Features Of Lifetime Hosting

VPS Hosting in Pakistan is one of the most sought-after hosting services for businesses as they offer excellent and affordable hosting plans at highly competitive prices. In order to get the best hosting services you need to find a hosting provider with the right price tag. This is where you need to search through several web hosting reviews and learn about the past records of these hosting providers so that you know what you are getting into. You can also find out from them what kind of customer support they offer and whether or not they can provide support round the clock. Once you are clear on all these features, you can then start choosing the best hosting provider that suits your needs.

One of the major differences between immortal hosting and lifetime hosting is the price. While one time costs much less than yearly rates, but if you do not plan to use the unlimited bandwidth then it will be a one time affair. This means that you cannot host more than 1% of your website on one time and hence the cost of unlimited bandwidth becomes insignificant. Many companies offer unlimited bandwidth for a one time fee but make sure that you get the service in the correct server platform that supports your website.

One of the most important and powerful features of lifetime hosting is cPanel which is an easy to use interface for every webmaster. It comes with the powerful features like email, FTP, MySQL, PHP and many others that are used widely by the webmasters worldwide. You can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth, dedicated IPs, backups and many more features that are made available by cPanel. Apart from cPanel, you can also enjoy unlimited email accounts, sub domains, free domain names and unlimited database backups with just a one time fee.